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Each member of our team earns a livable wage plus benefits, providing financial stability; our menu prices are inclusive of this cost.


Crunch Wrap

refried beans, vegan cheddar, vegan chorizo, corn tostada, spanish rice, and avocado sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla; served with poblano salsa, cilantro, and hashbrowns


Vegan El Presidente

hashbrowns, vegan chorizo, vegan cheddar, corn, poblano peppers, and red bell peppers; served with cilantro and toast

Half Size


Full Size


Breakfast Sammy

avocado, tomatoes, vegan cheddar, vegan maple bacon, and greens; served on a white or everything bagel


Garden Hashbrowns

spinach, black beans, red bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, and red onions


Vegan Maple Bacon


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